AIVRTTAC – Talking Circle – Grant Management

The Talking Circle will be facilitated by AIVRTTAC personnel utilizing Zoom Meeting. Zoom meeting invitations will be sent to the participating AIVRS programs who register scheduled talking circles. The following are the proposed TC topics with key questions to explore, and the identified area of impact (e.g. Policy, Program, Practice and/or Operations) this topic may have within the AIVRS program.


Chat Transcripts


Full-time VR Training and TA Specialist needed at AIVRTTAC

This is to inform you that the American Indian VR Training and Technical Assistance Center is currently recruiting for one full-time VR Training and TA Specialist. If you’re interested, or know of anyone who may be interested, please visit the NAU Human Resources website at NAU’s Human Resources Staff Job Openings.

Job ID 603423.

If needed, the applicant hired for the position is not required to reside in Flagstaff, Arizona and may work off-site with reliable and efficient home-office (e.g., high speed internet access, computer. software, printer/fax machine, secured file cabinets). Application deadline is open until further notice. If you any have questions, contact Dr. Lee Gaseoma, AIVRTTAC Project Director at, or 928-523-6829.