Welcome to the new AIVRS Directors Toolkit

Your First 90 Days

The Directors Toolkit contains helpful hints and resources for AIVRS Directors as they begin their journey into the AIVRS Community. Please tab through any of the topics below to view the outline of the information and to learn more.  Each blue heading will bring you to the corresponding page for that topic with expanded information for each part of the outline.

  • Federal
  • State
  • Tribal
  • Projects
  • Resources


A.    Review Funded AIVRS Grant Application (See V. AIVRS Project section for details)

B.     Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) Approval for Key Personnel

1.      Key Personnel refers to Project Director (required) and Project Manager/Coordinator (if applicable) and VR Counselor

2.      Prior RSA Approval of Project Director Received by Tribe

3.      Prior RSA Approval of Project Director Not Yet Requested by Tribe

4.      Process for Receiving RSA Approval

5.      Forms, Examples and “How to” in Resources Section

C.     Communication with Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) and Project Officer

1.      RSA personnel pertinent to AIVRS Projects

2.      Connection made between Project Officer and a New Project Director

3.      When to call your Project Officer

4.      Amendments to funded AIVRS grant proposal

a.       New

b.      Established

5.      Forms, Examples and “How to” in Resources Section

D.    RSA Quarterly Conference Calls with Project Directors

1.      Calendar for Scheduled Calls (not yet available)

2.      Purpose, Format, and Contact Information for Calls

3.      Examples of Agenda and Minutes

E.     RSA Required Reporting

1.      Onetime AIVRS 6- month Grant Report in Year-1 of grant (MIS)

2.      AIVRS Annual Report required for each of the five years of grant, Years 1-5 Grant Cycle (in MIS)

3.       Onetime AIVRS 5-Year Comprehensive Report Summarizing all 5 Years (in G-5 System)

4.      Forms, Examples and “How to” in Resources Section

F.      Federal Laws and Regulations Governing AIVRS Projects (See VI Resources Below)

1.      Add here or in Resource Section



A.    State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies

1.      General VR Agency

2.      Blind VR Agency

3.      Combined General and Blind Agencies

4.      Local/District Offices of State Agencies

5.      Resources for Accessing RSA Website, State Websites, Federal Legislation

B.     State VR and AVIRS Project Partnerships

1.      Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between State VR Agencies and AIVRS Project

a.       Tribal process of the MOU

2.      Resources Examples of MOUs

C.     State Rehabilitation Councils

1.      State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) – required AIVRS Membership

2.      State Independent Living Council (SILC) – previously required currently optional AIVRS Membership

3.      Resources for Websites –  National SRC, National IL Organizations, Websites NEW

D.    Client Assistance Project (CAP)

1.      Purpose of Advocacy Organization – Protection and Advocacy (P&A) – Client Assistance Program (CAP)

2.      CAP Information Provision and Referral Requirement for AIVRS Projects

3.      CAP Requirements and Tribal Requirements for addressing procedural safeguards for AIVRS Clients

4.      Resources – Section in AIVRS Grant, Protection and Advocacy – CAP

5.      Provide regulations


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